I have been around Vintage items and Antiques since I was a little girl. I've grown fond of Vintage over the years. I enjoy thrifting and finding unique and eclectic vintage pieces. I love vintage kitchen items, anything vintage with animals, and anything unusual, unique, and/or eclectic. I'm drawn to a variety of different pieces anything from Kitchy to Antique.

I also take vintage pieces and recycle them to make something unique and special. We also create handmade and artisan spiritual jewelry. I started making handmade jewelry and pieces in 2009. I have always loved art and design. Recently I decided to take my love of vintage and continue to create new pieces of jewelry from recycled and broken vintage pieces of jewelry. My grandmother always had a sense of style and it inspired me. She loved jewelry. I saw how many unique pieces she had and started making new pieces in memory of her after she passed away.